Zambia's best kept secret


Kalambo Falls




With intriguing decor combining African artefacts and European antiques capturing a sense of Zambia's colonial past, Kalambo Falls Lodge is a timeless celebration of diversity. You would be hard pressed to find a more exclusive and secluded location on the shores of Lake Tangayika.


A home, above all, the lodge is the ideal location for the globe trotting enthusiast looking for a voyage of magic and wonder.


The name of the lodge is taken from the majestic and neighboring Kalambo Falls.


A truly magical fall where nature captures your soul - much like the setting of Kalambo Falls Lodge.



With its rare inland enviroment Lake Tangayika is a mecca for nature lovers searching for a quiet sanctuary.

Responsible Tourism


Kalambo Falls lodge is committed to both the environmental sustainability of the lake's unique ecosystem, and most importantly the empowerment of the local community who call the lake their home.


Working with the University of Basel, and the University of Graz, Kalambo Falls Lodge assists the Departments of Zoology, Biodiversity and Evolution in their efforts to maintain the numerous species present in the lake which are currently at risk due to unsustainable fishing practices. The lodge maintains and breeds various species now extinct in ponds, which will be re-introduced into the lake to maintain its biodiversity. In the addition the lodge is working with local authorities to protect breeding areas from commercial fishing which threatens to destroy various species, and provide training and education to local fisherman on sustainable fishing practices.


Our charity, The Ngombe Intiative, Ngombe, meaning the cow and giver of life, works to provide additional income sources to the local community who are heavily dependent on fishing alone. The Ngombe Iniative is geared at training in the fields of basketry, beadwork, patchwork and artefacts as well as providing a marketplace for works produced.


In addition to providing support for agricultural and horticutural projects in the form of seeds, training and expertise, the lodge is a primary client sourcing vegetables from subsistance farmers in the surrounding areas. The lodge is also actively involved in the production of honey, providing hives and traning on sustainable harvesting.


The lodge also supports both the clinics and schools in the area established through the government and African Development Bank. Through the Ngombe initiave, we provide support to local schools, focussing on the establishment of extracurricular activities such as fine art, perfomance art and sport, where we feel the greatest need for assistance. Guests are welcome to visit or participate in the areas in which they feel qualified. Donations towards the clinics and school are equally valued.



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