The Lodge

The Lodge

Une maison d'autres, Kalambo Falls Lodge is a home, with a rare personal intimacy. The open space dining and living area overlook the majectic vista of Lake Tanganyika with breathtaking panaromic views.

A stone fortress, the lodge was built exclusively using materials from the land, blending seemlessly with the surrounding forest and natural environment.

Sourcing local seasonal delicacies the lodge prides itself on our unique fusion cuisine, elevating traditional Zambian elements for a rare and unmatched culinary experience.

Much like its eclectic decor, Kalambo Falls Lodge draws on a myriad of African, Asian and European inspirations that have come to influence the region of Lake Tanganyika.

Wake up in paradise, on the untouched shores of Zambia's northern jewel,

Lake Tanganyika.


The lodge is comprised of seven stone chalets, each with a specific decor and ambience capturing the romance of the Lake.  With enchating individual lakeside views, each chalet sleeps two to three people, with ensuite shower and ablutions.  The honeymoon suite's luxurious interior, is a decadent spacious enclave. Boasting both a Victorian bath and outdoor shower enclosed by the surrounding forest, the suite is an idyllic haven for those looking to escape the bustle of day to day life. 

Drawing from a collection attained over the last thirty years, each room is carefully curated with Chokwe antiques, Zambia's celebrated artists and sculptors, as well as contemporary pieces from up and coming talent.

Experience the warmth and legendary hospitality that has come to be the defining characteristic of

Zambia's people.

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