For the more adventurous spirit, Kalambo Falls Lodge offers a challenging two hour hike to the stunning waterfall that lends its name to the resort. The views from the heights of the fall, of the surrounding valley, lake and streams are unparralled and worth the exertion required to get there.

The protected rain forest, enclosing the falls, is a home to various creatures you may have the opportunity of gleaning. From bushbabies to monkeys and antelope the hills team with local wildlife amidst the everchanging changing flora and fauna.   

Natural Habitats

Lake tangayika's unique inland ecosystem is a strong attraction for cichlid enthusiasts keen on diving and snorkelling. The lodge attracts a number of academic organizations studying the rare species of the lake, and offers ponds for rental for ongoing research.

Whether for academic research or simply a destination for the avid nature lover Lake Tagayika is home to various bird species that inhabit the treeline along the shores. The lake and river provide extensive opportunities for birdwatching.

Nsumbu National Park, a boat ride away, offers the chance to view large game. While the combination of the lake and adjoining Kalambo River provide ample opportunities for fishing. 

The Lake's emerald waters and sandy beaches are a welcome relief for those simply searching for a relaxed retreat. 

Waterskiing on the other hand is a popular activity provided by the lodge for guests eager to experience an active getaway.

Experience the still soothing waters of a crystal clear lake at dawn. Enjoy the opportunity to simply bathe on the sun kissed shores after an engaging day or enjoy a cool cocktail overlooking the setting sun as it casts its reflection across the silver surface of the magical lake.

Spirit away on an evening canoe ride, or experience the thrill of a night dive under the stars.

Beyond the Lake

For guests interested in cultural exploration, the vibrant lakeside villages offer an opportunity to connect with the local fishing community comprised of the Lungu people, deeply tied to the Lake itself. 

Moto Moto Musem and Mpulungu town on the mainland similary offer a peek at artwork and architectural sights, including Mpulungu's oldest church, providing insight into the rich history of Zambia's Northern Province.

From Mpulungu harbor one can board the Liemba, a ferry that has transported people across the lake for the last century.

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