Getting to Mpulungu

The journey north

Situated close to the border with Tanzania on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, Kalambo Falls Lodge is accesible by boat from Mpulungu Harbor or Isanga Bay Lodge.


For guests travelling by road, parking is available in Mpulungu and Kalambo Falls Lodge will arrange further transportation across the lake to the Lodge.

For larger groups and students the bus to Mpulungu from Lusaka's Central bus station provides an affordable alternative, travelling daily. The lodge is able to meet groups at Mpulungu station for further onward travel.


Alternatively flights from Lusaka are available through Proflight to Kasama, or through private charter to Kasama and Mbala Airport. The Lodge is able to organize onward transportation from both Mbala and Kasama Airports.

Although the journey of approximately twelve hours by car to Lake Tanganyika from Lusaka is possible in a single stretch, various sites of interest exist along the way for those with more time for exploration.

Places of Interest enroute

The bat migration at Kasanka National Park is the largest mammal migration on the continent.

Driving north from Zambia's capital, Lusaka, guests will inevitably pass through the towns of Kapiri Mposhi, Mpika, Serenge and Kasama onroute to Mpulungu. The region offers various locations to break the voyage either overnight or for a shorter duration.

Kasanka National Park located on the D 235 after Serenge, is not only an acessible wildlife sanctuary, but the site of the largest mammal migration of bats on the continent from November to late December. Accomodation is available for overnights stays, for this brief diversion from the direct Northern route to Mpulungu.

Alternatively Kundalila falls, a stunning waterfall off the main road following Serenge is an ideal stop for a picnic lunch with incredible views. Ablutions and camping are available onsite. 

Mutonondo Wilderness, a lodge located oustide Mpika is an alternative location to break one's voyage with a multitude of activities.

Venturing further North towards Chinsali, Shiwa Ngandu, and adjoining Kapisha Hotsprings are a worthwhile diversion for those interested in Zambian history. The home is a national monument and also serves as a lodge or daytime destination for passing travellors.

Akasuba hotsprings, also located close to Chinsali offers self catering for those who wish to rent a private home.

The largest town serving the North, Kasama, on route, similarly offers various sites worth visiting including Chishimba Falls, and Mwela rock art.


Shiwa Ngandu, an English Manor house built by Sir Stewart Brown, is the inspiration for the novel

"The Africa House." 

Sir Stewart Brown, English born, became an active supporter of Kenneth Kaunda and the Zambian independence movement that led to Zambia's freedom from the British crown.  

Shiwa Ngandu

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